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Samsung in China: latest business and financial News by former journalist at Reuter, expert of Chinese high Tech Market Doug Young
Samsung in China: latest News

VIDEO: LeEco Powers Into US with Phones, TVs and Lionsgate

Bottom line: LeEco’s new US launch for its TVs, smartphones and video service is almost guaranteed to fail due to underwhelming product offerings and stiff competition.

LeEco launches phones, TVs in US

A year after opening its US e-commerce site, online video superstar LeEco (Shenzhen: 300104) has finally launched some of its leading products in the world’s biggest but also one of its most competitive markets. LeEco, formerly known as LeTV, announced it will start selling its smartphones and smart TVs in the US, as well as a new customized version of its core online video service. My main response to this aggressive and ambitious push is: Good luck!

I’ve been a big LeEco doubter for a while now, since the company has gone from relatively obscurity to superstar in just a couple of years through a series of aggressive expansions fueled mostly by taking on new investors and selling its overvalued stock. Its name change from LeTV to LeEco nicely summarizes its aspirations, since the company now bills itself as developer of an ecosystem that delivers entertainment content over a range of devices and services. Read Full Post…

VIDEO: Armed With Vizio, China’s LeEco Eyes US Smartphone, TV Markets

Bottom line: LeEco’s major new push into the US smart TV market could achieve some success due to its recent Vizio purchase, though its concurrent smartphone drive will be a dud due to lawsuits and mediocre product quality.

LeEco revs for US smart TV launch

Watch out, Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) and Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL). Chinese online video superstar LeEco (Shenzhen: 300104) is taking direct aim at the lucrative US online video and smartphone markets, with plans for major new product launches later this month. I’ll admit I’m doing a bit of educated guessing here, since the company  formally known as LeTV hasn’t made any formal announcements yet on its US ambitions.

But  all the signs certainly point in that direction, following LeEco’s headline-making $2 billion July purchase of Vizio, a struggling maker of cheap, no-name TVs that is one of the biggest and also most obscure names in the huge US market. Added to that is  LeEco’s  recent issue of invitations to an event set for October 19  in San Francisco, where it says it will announce its “disruptive vision of a connected ecosystem of content-driven smart devices to the US market.” (English article) Read Full Post…

CHIPS: China Tries New US Chip Buy with Analogix

Bottom line: A Chinese buyer’s plan to purchase US chip maker Analogix for more than $500 million is unlikely to meet with political resistance, and could mark a new template for similar cross-border chip M&A by China.

Chinese group bids for US-based Analogix

After failing at several high-profile attempts to buy US microchip technology, China is trying once again with a newly announced plan to acquire venture-backed chipmaker Analogix Semiconductor for more than $500 million. Unlike previous failed efforts that targeted more mature companies, the acquisition target in this case is much younger, since Analogix was only founded in 2002.

This new deal looks strikingly similar to another one earlier this year that saw the Shanghai-based National Silicon Industry Group purchase a similarly young Finnish chipmaker called Okmetic in a deal that valued the company at nearly $200 million. (previous post) That deal and this latest one don’t appear to be related, though one can never be completely sure due to the vague descriptions of the buyers in both cases. Read Full Post…

FINANCE: PayPal Edges Closer to China with UnionPay Tie-Up

Bottom line: A new global tie-up between UnionPay and PayPal could auger another alliance by the end of the year that would allow the US company to launch a domestic electronic payments service in China by the end of this year.

PayPal in tie-up with UnionPay

In what must certainly be one of the slowest marches to China of all time, US electronic payments giant PayPal (Nasdaq: PYPL) has just formed a tie-up with UnionPay, operator of China’s largest electronic transactions settlement network. On reading the headline I thought that PayPal had finally cracked the market for domestic transactions in China, following more than a decade of trying to enter the lucrative business. But it turns out the new tie-up only covers cross-border transactions and is mostly for UnionPay’s benefit, meaning PayPal is still being locked out of the domestic China market. Read Full Post…

SMARTPHONES: Xiaomi Expands in India, Wows North Korea

Bottom line: Xiaomi’s progress in India shows its global expansion is moving ahead despite a recent setback in Brazil, but it will need to replicate that success in other markets to revive its sputtering fortunes.

Xiaomi wristband wins North Korean fans

Former smartphone sensation Xiaomi is in a couple of headlines as the week winds down, both showing how the company is looking to foreign markets to offset its sputtering business in China. The bigger of the items shows how quickly Xiaomi is advancing in India, where it has consolidated its position as the third largest brand just 2 years after entering the market. The second item is a bit quirkier, saying that Xiaomi’s wearable fitness band has become a hot-seller in North Korea, a market that isn’t exactly known for its consumer culture. Read Full Post…

FINANCE: Xiaomi, Huawei Try E-Payments; UnionPay Thrives in US

Bottom line: UnionPay’s announcement that its cards are usable at nearly all US ATMs shows it is targeting local US customers, while stiff competition will limit the success of new Xiaomi and Huawei e-payment services.

UnionPay makes big gains in US

It’s been a busy week for Chinese companies in the electronic payments headlines, with 3 major names making big moves in the space. Leading the pack is industry stalwart UnionPay, China’s equivalent of MasterCard (NYSE: MA) and Visa (NYSE: V), which is saying its own credit cards are now accepted by an impressive 80 percent of US merchants. The other headlines are coming from smartphone makers Huawei and Xiaomi, which have announced roll-outs for China-based electronic payment services that will compete with other similar products from Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) and Samsung (Seoul: 005930). Read Full Post…

SMARTPHONES: Xiaomi Eyes US, Following Microsoft Alliance

Bottom line: Xiaomi could launch in the US within the next 12 months and benefit from its recent tie-up with Microsoft, but it will face a big uphill battle due to stiff competition, lack of name recognition and unexciting models.

Xiaomi eyes US — again

Following several recent false starts, fading Chinese smartphone sensation Xiaomi is saying it’s aiming to enter the tough US market soon. We’ve heard similar talk before, and at one time such a move would have been quite exciting and controversial when some were comparing Xiaomi to a China’s homegrown answer to Apple (Nasadq: AAPL). But Xiaomi’s star has faded considerably over the last year, partly due to intense competition in China but just as much due to a reputation for shoddy quality and unexciting phones. Read Full Post…

SMARTPHONES: LeEco Names Coolpad CEO, Eyes China Smartphone Crown

Bottom line: LeEco and Coolpad could see a brief surge in smartphone sales due to strong promotional efforts, but will rapidly fade when consumers realize its models are the same as many other products on the market.

Coolpad gets new CEO

Just a day after the release of new data showing the surging Oppo was close to stealing China’s smartphone crown from a stumbling Huawei, sector newcomer and online video superstar LeEco (Shenzhen: 300104) is talking up new sales targets that imply it believes it can win the title as soon as next year. That’s quite big talk for a company that only entered the smartphone business last year and has never finished among the top 5 vendors for China. But LeEco CEO Jia Yueting has never been afraid of making such bold predictions, following a Chinese tradition that has seen similar big talk come from most of the nation’s other major smartphone makers. Read Full Post…

SMARTPHONES: Huawei Hits Brakes, Apple Tumbles in Q2

Bottom line: The latest quarterly smartphone data show Oppo could soon take China’s smartphone crown from Huawei, whose rapidly slowing sales could cause it to badly miss its 2016 target.

Oppo closes in on China smartphone crown

Recent trends in China’s fiercely competitive smartphone market are accelerating in the latest quarterly data, led by a plunge in sales and market share for Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) and sharply slowing growth for local leader Huawei. At the same time, the surging Oppo continues its meteoric rise to cement its position as China’s second largest smartphone maker, as it closes in on Huawei.

All that said, the smartphone crown for China, the world’s biggest market, is shaping up to be quite a hot potato that changes hands often. Just 3 years ago that title belonged to Samsung (Seoul: 005930), which was later supplanted by Xiaomi, a former superstar that barely made the top 5 in the newly released second-quarter rankings from IDC. (press release) Apple has also briefly held the title, only to be overtaken last year by current leader Huawei. Read Full Post…

SMARTPHONES: Apple’s Tumble from China Tree Accelerates

Bottom line: Apple could be on the cusp of a prolonged China downturn unless it can roll out smartphones with new breakthrough technology, as it gets overwhelmed by similar Chinese models that sell for far lower prices.

Apple China sales tumble 33 pct in Q2

The latest financial report from Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) shows the company continues to struggle as sales of its core iPhones pass their prime, and nowhere is that story more apparent than in China. The company’s Greater China sales, which also includes Hong Kong and Taiwan, fell 33 percent in its latest reporting quarter, accelerating from an already sharp drop of 26 percent in the first 3 months of this year.

The rapid decline dropped China to Apple’s third largest market globally from its former spot as the company’s second largest, with Europe taking over the number two position. Apple’s story is hardly unique, as the world’s other global leader Samsung (Seoul: 005930) has also seen a sharp reversal over the last year after its own recent rise to take the global smartphone crown. Read Full Post…

SMARTPHONES: Huawei Margins, Sales Show Smartphone Stress

Bottom line: Huawei’s eroding profit margins and slowing smartphone sales growth reflect stresses being felt both at home and abroad in an overheated industry showing rapid signs of global saturation.

Huawei announces H1 results

The latest financial results from Huawei are showing how smartphones are at once becoming a growth engine but also a drag on the telecoms giant. The company’s fast-growing smartphone business was one of the main engines behind a 40 percent surge in sales during the first half of this year, as Huawei consolidated its position as the world’s third largest brand behind only Samsung (Seoul: 005930) and Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL). But at the same time, fierce competition in the sector also sharply eroded Huawei’s profit margins. Read Full Post…